When God took Israel out of Egypt and then to Canaan, He told His people to possess the Promised Land.   When we chose Jesus as our Savior, He gives us that same freedom from the world and the same mandate authority to go in and possess the Promised Land.    As Christians, our Promised Land is to walk in the Promises of God for our lives.  To walk in these generational blessings, we need to drive out and fight those things in our lives that would keep us from living in freedom and fullness of joy!

These enemies in our lives have been there for generations past.  These past generations have practiced witchcraft, idolatry, lying, adultery, you name it, they’ve done it.   They’ve made covenants with other Gods and in general, created a whole mess of trouble for the next family line, who are affected by the sins of their fathers.    But we can break these curses, stop these cycles and reclaim what has been stolen from us.

God’s plan is to heal us– spirit, soul and body–mind, will and emotions, so we can drive out the enemy of our souls and go into our Promised Land.    Real life with the Lord is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.

Through focused, strategic prayer, the Light and Love of  the Lord Jesus Christ comes.  He establishes Truth, exposes Lies,  and brings Healing into the broken places our lives.